2016 was a tough year for many and it left an indelible mark in several lives. Many people tried to put the past behind them and looked forward to a bright, more positive 2017. Their expectations peaked so high that when things didn’t go according to plan, melancholy and a sense of dread became permanent members of their daily lives. A lot of people have been and are battling depression, lost hope and a general feeling of negativity day in, day out. 

Through our trials and tribulations, we find it hard to remember that much like age, a year is just a number; your goals, inner motivation and current situations are not related to the year in any way. You still control your choices – the choice to move, choice to chase your goals and the choice to stay positive through your struggle. It is up to YOU to change your attitude for the better and refrain from self-destructive behavior.

I always say, “Start with your mind first!” It’s the mission controller of your life – it drives every action you take; it has the power to make or break you. Therefore, it’s important to strengthen your mind, no matter what the situation may be.

Here are some of my tips to stepping out of a slump and back into a positive rhythm:

1-    Set some ‘alone time’ every morning: Even if that means waking up 30 minutes earlier. This time is essential in helping you ground yourself and get you started off on the right foot.

2-    Reevaluate your goals: Quite often, not having a clear vision is what causes most people to lose focus. Jot down your goals and use your imagination to manifest what you want. 

3-    Be around people who lift you UP: It is said that, “You are most like the 5 people you spend most of your time with”. Think about the people in your current inner circle – Who are they? What positivity do they bring to your world?

4-    Get mentally, physically and socially active:  The best way to achieve all 3 is through outdoor group boot camps or workout sessions. The rush of healthy hormones and interactivity can boost your overall health on so many levels.

5-    Create a new routine: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over expecting different results”. So if you are caught between a rock and a hard place, change up your routine. Seek different entertainment sources, join an inspirational club, start networking with new people – do something that puts you slightly out of your comfort zone to experience the exhilaration missing in your life. Sometimes, even simple things such as changing the color of your outfit or painting your wall a new hue can be a step in the right direction)

6-    Give back: It is statistically proven that people who give time to charitable causes are happier, have less stress and anxiety, and are more satisfied with their lives. This is primarily due to taking one’s self out of their own head and its compulsive thoughts, and plunging into something outside that engages and pulls them to be a part of something meaningful.

7-    Get grounded: Grounding from earth involves standing on mother nature’s platforms. This has been proven to help release negative energy into the ground while pulling in positive energies from the earth’s electromagnetic fields. Because of the abundance of high rises we work and live in, the less our bodies connect to this natural method of recharging. Make sure to integrate more of this practice into your life by walking along the beach, desert sand, or on plain green grass terrain.

8-    Be consistent: Much like a muscle that atrophies if not used regularly, your conscious mind needs constant exercise lest it wastes away. Keep training your mind to listen to you rather than it driving you. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro!

To further help you with executing long-term achievements and making sure 2017 ends on a high note, consult with or hire a life coach, who can guide you through the process.

Life coaching involves assisting one to recognize their challenges clearly and helping them get over their obstacles to realize their true potential to lead a happier, more satisfying life. 


Leila Almaeena