I want to share my expertise to help you define and enhance your purpose, passion and goals so you can lead the best life possible in your personal and professional life.
— Leila

At LA Coaching and Consulting, we are committed to building a foundation for success through custom workshops, programs and individual sessions that enhance wellness, productivity, satisfaction and bottom line in the workplace. Think better, lead confidently, achieve clarity and make a difference by unleashing your greatness with LACC! 


LACC designs custom, energetic and interactive workshops for luxury brands. The objective is always geared to enhance morale, improve employee output and productivity, enhancing business sense and customer service thus improving bottom line and speeding the brand’s competitive growth in the market.

Group Client

LACC conducts interactive workshops with your employees and network groups, thus helping build brand loyalty and satisfaction. The session is full of tools geared towards enhancing mental, physical and social health while allowing the pool of lucrative opportunities to cross paths and enjoy a service provided to them by YOUR brand.

Individual Coaching
and Development

LACC works with individuals and working professionals in a private setting to help overcome challenges and obstacles standing in their way to achieving ultimate goals. The sessions are geared towards progress in productivity and enhancing the business mind by revealing solutions and a pro active way of thinking.

Workshops recently conducted

"Just a Happy Workshop" - AlBayan Publishing | 20th march 2018