LA Coaching and Consulting believes in delivering results. Some of our coaching benefits include enhancing workplace wellness, identifying your strengths while improving on your setbacks, stress management, achieving clear visions and many more!

A few words from some of our clients: 

Working with Leila has been one of the most pleasurable experiences. I find myself looking forward to our call every single week. She is genuine and authentic in her approach to coaching and I feel like it has brought me to another level. The accountability factor is huge as well. She is courageous enough to challenge me in the ways I need to be challenged and I feel like I have grown so much as a person because of that. Thank you for everything, Leila!
— Matt Geib – NYC
Leila’s life coaching had an intense effect on me. Her life coaching encouraged me to change my perspective of life which started to look beautiful like never before! I just can’t stop telling her more about myself.
— WS - Dubai
In November 2014, I sold my business and after a transition period I stepped away to begin temporary retirement. I was unprepared for the emotions and emptiness that was to follow. I began working with Leila for a period of 12 sessions in spring of 2016. It was a pleasant and helpful experience for me. Leila met me where I was in my transition and without judgment or pushy tactics, helped me find and realize my current state of mind. She worked with me to think about what was next by having me focus on what was important to me in this new season of life. Through coaching, I have been able to put in place a desired outcome for a work/life balance that maintains my style of living and allows for the desired free time I seek. I would highly recommend Leila as a life and transition coach.
— Steve Smith – Atlanta, GA

مدربة التنمية الذاتية ليلى المعينا تمتلك جميع مقومات المدرب الفعّال والمؤثر، ومن خلال تجربتي التي أقدرها كثيرا معها كمدربة والتي استطاعت فيها ان تسهب بمعرفتها الاستراتيجية والتدريبية أن تفند وتضع النقاط على الحروف في حين كنت احتاج الى الكثير من التنظيم الذهني والتركيز وتحسين الآداء في مهام عديدة كنت مسؤولة عنها، لقد كانت تجربة فريدة من خلال استفادتي من التعامل الحرفي، والمرونة في التعامل وتحقيق نتائج ملموسة، وكونها كانت سندا نفسيا اعتمدت عليه. اشكر ليلى وانصح بالإستفادة من خبراتها المهنية والتدريبية

آلاء العدناني-استاذ جامعي- ومدربة تنمية بشرية, جدة