CORPORATE Workshops in action

1-    Excellence in Leadership (Energy Leadership):

Provides intensive leadership training to all levels of management in the skills required to manage themselves and their team to transform and promote productivity while increasing the bottom line of the business. The specialized workshop will help to enhance leadership skills, communication techniques and transform any working department into a positive functioning environment.


2-    Strategic Planning:

Provides a guide to leaders on how to create a strategic plan for their department and team that follow and compliment the company vision, mission and goals. This course helps members align with the strategic mind of the organization by sharing tools and plans as a step by step guide.

3-    Media Training: 

Provides tools on how to craft messages to the public across all platforms including the stage, TV, Radio and to large audiences. Participants will learn how to conduct themselves in all areas using recorded cameras and stage performance to help promote the message of the organization in line with its vision while keeping individual uniqueness intact.


4-    Conflict Resolution: 

Provides skills to resolve issues swiftly with maximum output and transform any situation to benefit productivity of the team. The workshop will conduct live role playing exercises to help members practice the skills of communication in sensitive situations, making them better communicators in all around.


5-    Time Management/ Goal setting:

Provides skills to members to help them focus, plan and make decisions that help them maximize their true potential. Tools will be shared to help plan, manage and execute projects or initiatives (personal / career) to maximize use of energy.

6-    Stress Management/ Life balance:

Provides tools to help cope with the daily stressors of life and work while helping members use the energy exuded into expanding their efforts in a positive result. Tools learned will focus on mind.

7-    Public Speaking/ Confidence skills:

Gives members the skills to gain self confidence and self esteem to be able to shine and grow within their areas of expertise. Members will be able to communicate in any situation with full self confidence while actually enjoying the experience and reducing the anxiety resulting in any public speaking forum.


8-    Protocol in Communication:

 In today’s time, it is undeniable that effective business communication is essential to growth and long terms success and good company standards. This workshop will equip participants with the proper communication skills to interact appropriately with all levels of management and peers,have better intercultural understanding in the workplace and become effective networkers (offline & online).


9- Emotional Intelligence:

 EI/ Social intelligence is a highly engaging and interactive workshop to promote the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and emphasizes the importance of developing and using this skill in social interaction to accelerate growth, enhance communication and be a more effective contributor as an individual, a service provider, a team member, a manager or a leader.

10- Private Coaching/ Mentorship:

One/ One private sessions with members to identify challenges and break through energy block to allow for maximum personal and professional growth.

"Just a Happy Workshop"


Live and lead with energy workshop by Leila Almaeena
  • Are self-doubt and fear holding you back from exploring your new venture thoroughly?

  • Have you been trying to make a change but are uncertain about what that should be?

  • Do you feel pushed for time when you think about achieving your ambitions?

  • Have you lost motivation after getting excited about implementing a new plan or course of action?

Then this is the workshop for you!

Workshop Takeaways:


  • Learning and understanding all seven levels of ‘Energy Living’ that we operate in

  • Identifying energy levels that hold you back from progress

  • Tools that help you enhance communication with people that matter (e.g. partners, family, work peers, etc.)

  • Realizing your true self and the values you seek to achieve harmony in life

  • Creating an image of your ideal life complete with every passion and goal you seek.


Leila Almaeena

Leila Almaeena

Our aim is to leave you feeling uplifted and inspired - sparks that will help steer you in the right direction towards your best life.