"Live Alive"
with Clarity
and Purpose…

Very often we are faced with obstacles that hinder us from reaching that next level of success in our personal and professional lives - ever felt that mental block? With a simple shift in your mindset, you can achieve everything you want without compromising on that harmonious work-life balance. 


About Leila

Leila is a Certified Professional Leadership Coach, ELI (Energy Leadership Index) Master Practitioner, media contributor and advocate for all areas that help promote emotional, physical and social health.



Through individual and group coaching and wellness workshops, Leila helps people enhance their quality of life by breaking through debilitating mental blocks, enabling them to climb up the ladder of personal and professional successes.


Wellness Blog

She is also an active blogger who promotes wellness in both the professional and personal arenas. Find out on Media the contributions Leila has made towards wellness.