Your passion matters – for you and everyone else around you…
— Leila

At LA Coaching & Consulting, we carefully curate and customize workshops, programs and individual sessions aimed at building foundations for success. By thinking better, leading confidently and achieving clarity, you can improve wellness, satisfaction and productivity both personally and professionally. Unleash your greatness with LACC!


LACC curates and designs custom, energetic and interactive workshops to enhance leadership, improve employee output and productivity and augmenting business sense and customer service - all the key factors that facilitate bottom line and construct a path for competitive growth and success. 

Group Client

Through interactive workshops with employees and network groups, LACC works on building brand loyalty and satisfaction specific to your company and its industry. All exercises and tools are geared towards enhancing mental, physical and social health while aiding individuals to cross paths and enjoy a service provided to them by YOUR brand!

Individual Coaching
and Development

LACC’s private coaching and consulting services are aimed at individuals who are searching for ways to achieve their goals and their passion. Each confidential session is aimed at progressing productivity and helping the individual think proactively about overcoming obstacles with practical and relevant solutions.